January 2019

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Whether you are staging your home for sale or are past due on organizing your space, decluttering your home will increase its value and can speed up its sale.

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, Tidying Up, has created a binge worthy cleaning frenzy since it debuted on January 1st, landing just in time for New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that decluttered homes sale on average 80% faster than not?

Taking small steps to organize your home and better yet -- your life can “spark joy” in more ways than you can imagine.

Ready to take on the KonMari Method? Follow Kondo’s 6 steps bellow:

1- Commit yourself to tidying up
2- Imagine your ideal life
3- Finish letting go first
4- Tidy by category, not location
5- Follow the right order
6- Ask yourself

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